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Designer Flooring

Whether you are looking to replace your carpet in the office. Or you are bored of the existing tiles in your house, Scared about the expensive price tag of natural stones like granite, marble, etc. 

Well Epoxy flooring is your ideal solution. Yes ! you heard it right. You can now have marble like finish in any color you desire. And stop worrying about wear and tear. If installed properly these flooring will last you a lifetime. And the best part is that you get a flawless finish. That is, you will not see those separation gaps that are seen between two tiles or natural stones. 

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What is Epoxy ?

Epoxy flooring is typically used in industrial and commercial spaces. These systems are generally applied over cured concrete floors. Now epoxy is moved towards designer floors wherein we can have the same marble and glossy finished floors. Also have you ever wondered watching those 3d floors on youtube, These 3D floors are achieved using Epoxy. These materials are not that uncommon you might know them as M-Seal which are used to clear leaks, M seal is nothing but epoxy with different contents.

It is a standard in many industries to incorporate epoxy floors to maintain a safe environment for employees, machinery, etc.

3D Epoxy Flooring

3D Flooring is a relatively new flooring system, which is becoming more popular. You can see them in shopping malls, Pubs, apartments, and homes. 3D flooring gives a sense of extremely realistic visuals.

Have you seen those 3D images, and thought of having those on your wall at home. Well, you have those images on your floor. Yes ! You heard it right, this type of flooring is known as 3D flooring.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for flooring that is seamless, gorgeous and looks just like marble then metallic flooring is your answer. Best aspect of metallic flooring is that no two floors are the same. These designer flooring is unique and the design completely depends on the person designing it. And they are highly durable.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Ankuraa provides industrial flooring solutions to many small and medium scale industries in india. These flooring are anti static, anti-slip, and seamless flooring. They come in fixed colors based on the standard norms of indian industry. 

Based on the industry there are many types of flooring solutions. Kindly get in touch with us for further details.  

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